Things That Make Me Happy I.

Walking into the kitchen late at night with the purpose of brewing me another 
cup of coffee. Nothing fancy, mind you, just the cheapest instant brand that 
dissolves in warm water. I take two teaspoons of coffee and sugar each and then 
quite a lot of milk and walk back to my room with my mug. It is somewhat special 
as I am usually not a coffee person; it makes me feel like there is purpose in 
what I'm doing, as if there is a reason why I pour coffee at midnight, it makes me 
feel structured. I only do that when I'm learning, not just so-so because I don't 
want to head to sleep just yet, but when I am doing stuff for University. 
Coffee is my special University drink, so to speak. I like that and while I 
boil the water and put everything in my mug, this makes me irrationally happy.

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