Beware of insects.

Allgemein, Ars Musica

At first, you almost do not notice it – it starts out as a noise, barely audible, like the distant buzzing of a lazy fly.

As time passes, it slowly, unsuspiciously grows louder, comes a little closer to your ears, yet the insect does not touch you in any way.

But then, the harmless annoyance that may have made you think of light summer days and rancid smells changes gradually; you do not understand it at first, but the fly turns into a mosquito that occasionally takes a sip of your life liquid. It does not hurt and it is not yet strong enough to make you suffer; you feel nothing but an itch where it sat on you, so you put some cream on it and go on with your life.

Yet again, as you pretend the insect does not bother you so very much – after all, it is still so much smaller than the whole of you, it does not even compare to any of the pieces you are made of in size or weight and therefor, you should not feel obligated to pay attention to it -, it transforms anew.

Maybe the new-born wasp stings the spots the mosquito touched before and you do not understand there is a difference at first; you will only feel the change once you casually scratch, expecting this action to relieve you from the itch, but instead it will bleed and swell. This wasp puts red marks all over you and as much as you try to avoid it, be it by swatting, running from it or applying antrycide lavishly all over your bruised self, you can no longer pretend that you do not mind and do not care.

Because it hurts and you care.

If it is a particulary nasty insect, it may even shed its skin once more and evolve into something else, something that is bigger, something that is fit to attack the pieces of your self. Now – is it the insect’s fault? Or is it your responsibility to deal with it because you are the one bothered by it?